How Consumer Brands Can Break Into Gaming with Quentin Moreau-Defarges artwork
Driving Brand Growth

How Consumer Brands Can Break Into Gaming with Quentin Moreau-Defarges

  • S1E9
  • 46:25
  • February 2nd 2021

Attention is the currency of marketing.

And while video dominates as the most-effective medium…

Only 20% even listen to the audio.

How much attention are they giving you - actually?

This week, we talk to Quentin Moreau-Defarges, Head of Strategy for Gameloft North America whose mission is creating brand assets that capture an audience’s attention - for real - by immersing them in interactive and playable experiences.

In his 10 years at Gameloft, Quentin has worked his way up from project manager, to help create their in-house creative agency, where they work to bring the power of gamification to businesses across the spectrum: from small brands to the Fortune 500.

In this episode, we talk about:

🍋 The key to creating a high-ROI gamification strategy;

🍋 Why healthcare, pharma, and other traditional industries are investing heavily in gamification;

🍋 The transition to cross-platform games and what that means for brands;

🍋 How Covid has accelerated the demand for interactive experiences;

🍋 The cost factor: and why gamification is no longer out of reach for smaller brands.

If you thought you were too big, too small, or too traditional to gamify your brand, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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